Thursday, January 12, 2012

Wednesday 11 January

Today Emma had her OT assessment.   It was conducted with a lovely OT called Nikki and took place in various rooms around the STAR centre.  

The first room we were in had a small table and chairs where Emma and Nikki sat opposite each other.  Firstly they did a drawing game.  Emma had to copy pictures, trace around a maze, drawing spirals.  Then she progressed onto freehand drawing and using her imagination.  Then dot to dot letters, then copying letters, and progressing to words.  Finally she had to copy a sentence.  She did really well.

She was doing jumping back and forward, side to side - checking her gross motor skills.  Balancing on one leg with eyes open and eyes shut.  

The next room was a hearing and sight room.  Emma had to listen for a particular sound then hit the corresponding light.  

We then went to the big gym where she had to go on a zip line (checking her strength), playing in a ball pit - had to collect various items hidden amongst the balls, and sitting on a trolley as it went down a ramp.  

We then went to the messy room.  There was slime with crystal shapes in it.  They wanted to see if Emma would reach into the slime and grab the various crystal shapes.  She did not do very well with that exercise.

So basically it was a very thorough assessment and testing of all of Emma's gross and fine motor skills.  They want to know what she can handle and what she cannot.  What she can do and what she cannot.  We will be receiving a full written report of the results on Friday.

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