Monday, January 23, 2012

The Big Lick

To be honest, sometimes it seems like we just dont get anywhere.. and THEN.... Emma does something that completely blows us out of the water.

Our food school today was about colours and food.  We are trying to show her that her eyes can be tricked, but it is still the same piece of food.   It might change colour, change texture or change shape - but dont be tricked - its still the same.

Our first item for the day was mandarins.  And just look what Emma did.


Anyway, we were very happy with this, but it was not the end of the session.  Food school today revolved around injecting different food dyes into mandarins and seeing how they change colour, but are still mandarins.  Still smell, taste and feel the same, but are just different.  Tricky on the eyes isnt it. -)

Injecting in the dye
It took a bit, but Emma was a very enthusiastic helper. As long as no colour got on her.  But she had her wiping cloth so all good.

Look at that... still mandarins - just different colours.  Of course, it was not without stress, but Emma worked through it and between her and Lainy worked out a coping strategy for her.

Her coping strategy - cover the eyes - thus limiting being over-stimulated by colours

Squeezing juice into a cup

The last exercise before clean up, was to get Emma to squeeze the mandarins, to see, yes it is the same, just different colours.

A very successful session.  WTG Emma! .


  1. Excellent! Keep up the great work!

  2. Ya Emma!!! So happy to see you licking the mandarin!!! Keep up the fanatastic work

  3. It's so wonderful to read about Emma's progress. The best progress is often that which is made slowly. Jasmine would like you to please say hello to Emma for her. We sit together and I read to her about the things Emma is doing and we look at your fb photos too. Keep up the fantastic work.