Thursday, January 26, 2012

Occupational Therapy

Emma has intensive Occupational Therapy every day.  Her classes involve everything from gross motor skill work such as running, jumping, swinging, sliding, playing in a ball pit - to fine motor skill work and messy play to help with her desensitisaton.

For the first few sessions, they were using musical therapy to help calm her down and keep her focused.  Here she is with her head-phones on. She wanted the pink head-band.  


This particular therapy class - we were busy baking for a surprise party for the toy cat.  As you can see, Emma bought her friend "Mitzy" along for the party.

It is an important factor with OT to help Emma learn the words to ask for help so we know when things are upsetting her and making her anxious.  And of course, the messy play helps with the desensitisation.

We did LOTS of messy play in this session

As you can see, lots of messy play.... she did wonderfully well with this session.  Nothing overwhelmed her too much and it was marked down as a success. 

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