Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tuesday 17th January

WOW.. and what a day it turned out to be at the clinic today.  Due to all her amazing work yesterday, they decided not to push the issue, and stepped back a bit with her therapy.  Their jobs as therapists are to push and expand their tolerance, but also to know when enough is enough and to pull back.  We dont want Emma to go into shut down mode.

Another thing we learnt today, that the meltdown she had the night before - something that HAS never happened before, was because her sensory system is waking up.  In the past she would never get absorbed into what was happening or what happened with drink, she was shut down from all sensory activities that would upset her.  

So with that explained, I will go on and talk about today's therapy session.

We made a food face, which Emma called "Elizabeth".  This is Elizabeth. 

Aint she just beautiful.

Emma made it herself and had lots of interaction with different food stuffs.

The tortilla

Its the face

Go the cheese whip

and spread it around with our special tool - knife

luncheon meat - wet and slimy

Gotta wipe my hands - did not like the slimy wet feel of the luncheon

Go the mayonnaise - its face cream

Another special utensil to help

Dried strawberries for the mouth

Bubble gum liquorice for the eyes

Currants for the eyeballs

Lots of sprinkles for blush

and more sprinkles

Dried noodles for eyelashes (and nose hair?????)

Twirly carrots for hair

As you can see she did very well with all the different textures and varieties of food given to her... as long as she has her cloth to wipe on that is all that matters..... 

She then walked around the centre showing everyone her lovely food face.... everyone was sooo happy with her and her artwork...

This just shows that her tolerance for handling different foods is there.. we just need to build on it...

Go Emma !!!!

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  1. I have just read through all your blog posts and think it is amazing hat you are doing for Emma and how far she has come. I work with Bec at Yasminah's Gift of Hope and am so glad we are able to help support the feeding program.

    Emma, you have lots of support back here in Australia and we are all very proud of how far you have come. GO EMMA!

    p.s. Don't worry, I think lunch meat is slimy too ;)