Thursday, February 9, 2012

Emma's Achievements

As we are approaching the end of this roller-coaster journey we have been travelling for the past 5 weeks, I thought I would list and celebrate some of Emma's achievements.

She certainly has made HUGE steps forward and we are so happy with the progress she has made.

Feeding Achievements
  • Crunching on delite crumbs
  • Sitting at a table with food and not being fussed
  • Almost trying raspberry lemonade
  • Drinking ready-made pediasure
  • Licking salt and vinegar pringles
  • Rubbing unpeeled fruit on her face and licking it
  • Tolerating biscuit crumbs on her hands
  • Able to spill water on her clothes and no longer freak out
  • Playing with cheese and rolling it into balls
  • Doing lipstick fruits
  • Holding pepperoni meat sticks in her hands
  • Mixing cereal and milk together
  • Buttering and putting jam on toast

Physical Achievements 

  • Swing on a zip line
  • Walk along a balance beam
  • Put her hands in bubbles and water and make play
  • Climb a cargo rope
  • Jump into a ball pit
  • Walk on a wobbly board
  • Crawl through a dark tunnel
  • Ride on a skateboard
  • Hit flashing lights and react to sound

Tolerance Achievements

  • Put hands in bubbles and wipe across tables
  • Play with smelly foam
  • Put fingers in sandy liquid
  • Can handle a wide variety of smells and strong aromas

Some of these do not sound very important or impressive, but for us they are MASSIVE milestones and achievements for Miss Emma.  We are very proud of her and I hope to add more to her list of sensory achievements as we approach graduation from Food School.


  1. Great work Emma! I'm glad to hear about all these positives and that you'll be able to keep working on all of this when you come home!

  2. Bet you wish you could smuggle Lainey out of the US and into AUS in you luggage!

  3. Emma you're a food hero! I think you should be a judge on Junior Master Chef!